Help a Friend

Be a Natural Helper...

Natural Helpers are friends who youth naturally turn to when they need support or help with a problem. Natural Helpers are an important support network and are often the first people to encounter a friend who may be struggling.
What Youth Tell Us About Natural Helpers...
Through focus groups run by the We CARE project, youth have told us that Natural Helpers...
  • genuinely listen without judging
  • reach out when friends need help
  • are open and available
  • are good problem solvers
  • are trustworthy, caring and honest
  • show empathy
  • know when a situation is too big for them to handle
  • support them in getting help if needed

How does a Natural Helper care?

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What if I'm really concerned for a friend's safety?

Any suspicion that someone you know may be considering suicide must be taken seriously. When the person's actions or words are cause for concern, get help to take them to the nearest hospital emergency department or call 911.


  • Contact a caring adult
  • Take it seriously
  • Stay calm
  • Present as caring
  • Explore thoughts and feelings
  • Seek assistance
  • Promise Privacy


  • Panic!
  • Think you can handle this without adult support
  • Leave the person alone
  • Ignore the person's need to talk
  • Allow disruptions
  • Minimize problem
  • Promise confidentiality

Do you need to get help?

There are many services available for youth and their families in Grey and Bruce Counties.